Be Strong and Curvaceous

Be Strong and Curvaceous by Shelley Adinabe strong and curvaceous
book 3

Be careful what you wish for …

It’s the last term of junior year and Carly Aragon can’t wait—because it means a chance to compete in the prestigious Design Your Dreams contest. For a budding clothing designer who’s also a scholarship kid, this could mean the difference between launching a career … or merely settling for a job.

But an ugly surprise is waiting for her when she returns from spring break with her family in Mexico. The flamboyant, rich, and arrogant Lady Lindsay “Mac” MacPhail is her new roommate—and she proceeds to steal Carly’s privacy, her confidence, and worst of all, her biggest crush! But when weird, threatening messages start infiltrating Mac’s email, Carly is the only person she can turn to, and they must figure out what’s going on before the threats escalate into real danger.

Who could imagine that Mac’s fate would rest in Carly’s hands—or that Mac would hold the key to her success at Glory Prep? But God works in mysterious ways—even when it means digging deep to find the courage to face them.

“Reading Be Strong & Curvaceous flooded me with memories of my high school days. While the surroundings and scenes were different, there were certain staples that read just like my life: the close friendships, the longing to be accepted, the desire for my first real boyfriend, and most of all, being introduced to Jesus. I only wish Shelley Adina’s All About Us series had been around in my day. I recommend it for any young adult who wants to escape to another world and find that they are not alone in their feelings and experiences.” —Mandisa, American Idol finalist and contemporary Christian artist

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“The third book in the [Glory Prep] series is inspired by a true story. It’s a quick read with topics relevant to today’s teenagers, like fashion, cliques and dating.” —RT Book Reviews magazine

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Tidings of Great Boys

Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adinatidings of great boys
book 5

Home or school? Old or new? Family or friends?

With Christmas—and finals—coming up fast, Mac can’t make up her mind where to spend her vacation. In Santa Barbara with Lissa and Shani? In London with her mother? Or in Scotland with her dad in the family castle, trying to reconnect with old friends who just might not fit her anymore? For Mac, the best way to allay her doubts is to organize something—like a family Christmas and even a traditional Hogmanay dance for New Year’s Eve. So she invites everyone—Lissa, Gillian, Carly, and Shani—to join her! And if she can get her mother involved, maybe her parents will see what a mistake they’ve made and realize they’re meant for each other.

When they arrive they find the castle falling apart and the earl in denial about the family finances. Mac’s old friends hate her new ones. And a video has gone viral, forcing Shani to dodge men in black sent by the royal family of Amir. Can the girls find reasons to celebrate the season … and will a certain young man with an old crush on Lissa realize in time that Mac is really The One?

There are tidings of great joy in the hills of Scotland … if only Mac can believe it’s all part of God’s plan for her …

“A little romance, a little intrigue (how can you not have that in a castle?), and a whole lot of love among friends and family make this a delightfully festive read.” —Nights and Weekends

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“Shelley Adina puts God at the center of the hearts of her heroines and nothing can be better than that!” —A Novel Menagerie

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